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Follow Friday: Zero-waste supermarket


Germany is opening the first zero-waste supermarket: Original Unverpackt this summer. I LOVE this idea! I’m not sure how it will work for selling liquids (like milk) or semi-solids (like yoghurt) or frozen products but… Aside from these questions, it seems like an awesome idea.

Unfortunately, in Canada, we seem to be moving in the opposite direction. To save time people are buying more pre-washed and chopped produce. I cringe every time I walk past the cello-wrapped asparagus on the styrofoam tray. Why did someone decide that was a good idea? Asparagus will last for less time when stored like that than it will standing up in water like it was always sold in the past. And don’t even get me started on the vast quantity of perfectly good food that gets composted (at least it doesn’t go in the garbage anymore) just because its best before date is looming. Come on Canada, let’s take a page out of Germany’s book and try to reduce food waste at all levels.

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Follow Friday: Good and Cheap


A friend and regular reader shared a link to the cookbook Good and Cheap by Leanne Brown with me last week. The book was created as part of her Master’s Thesis and is available for free under a Creative Commons licence. According to Brown, the cookbook was designed to be affordable for people using  SNAP (formerly food stamps) in the US. However, I’m sure that most of the recipes would be equally affordable for Canadians on a budget. In addition to being affordable, the recipes are nutritious and appealing. Even if you’re not on a tight budget there’s likely something in here you’d like to try: pumpkin oatmeal, broccoli apple salad, or brussels sprouts hash and eggs perhaps.


Follow Friday: Fruit fly traps


A new friend on fitocracy (@tobywankenobe) shared this article about a sixth grader who may have discovered an insecticide by feeding sweeteners to fruit flies. He found that fruit flies died after eating Truvia (a stevia-based sweetener containing erythritol). It’s important to note that stevia was not the culprit, as consuming other stevia-based sweeteners that didn’t contain erythritol did not shorten the flies lives. Kind of makes you wonder how safe erythritol (a sugar alcohol used to sweeten foods with fewer calories than sugar) really is for us to consume. Here’s hoping that what’s bad for the flies is fine for the humans! At the very least, you might want to try using Truvia in your fruit fly traps this summer.