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What I Ate Wednesday: the late edition

I was excited when Helen of Food & Nonsense tagged me to participate in What I Ate Wednesday, the RD edition last week. Then, yesterday, I clued in that I was meant to post what I ate on Wednesday and not what I ate on Wednesday on Thursday. Oops. So… After a day of eating, here’s what I had:

Breakfast was after my marathon training (5 mile run + strength training – focus was on chest and glutes today)


I had some frozen blueberries, a sliced kiwi, plain Greek yoghurt, and home-made tropical granola. Yummy and filling!


Lunch was leftovers. That’s how I roll. The chef was super jelly.


Just a wee snack mid-afternoon.


Was my “evening” to work (10-7) so I wanted something quick and easy when I got home (the house husband was also working so wasn’t home to cook me supper). Loaded on some veg, black beans, and cheese, made a quick guacamole, and had some habanero salsa for dipping.

And, of course, beverages…


This wasn’t an entirely typical day for me. I usually work 8-5 so I tend to have a mid-morning snack and often forego an afternoon snack. I nearly always have leftovers for lunch but what they consist of varies. I could probably have done with some more veg (who can’t?) but otherwise I’m not too judgemental of this day of food.


The WIAW Dietitian Tag! #WIAWRD

This blog post is a part of a ‘dietitian tag’ to see what other registered dietitians from around the world really eat!

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Follow Friday: @eatrealberealns


Today’s Follow Friday goes out to my twitter friend Dallas (@eatrealberealns) and her blog of the same name.

I actually first encountered her blog when I was living in Belleville, Ontario and she was the Southwestern Ontario Foodie. Now we’re both in NS. Small world.

If you’re into local food then you should check out her blog. She writes about her experiences with local food; from restaurants to markets to cookbooks and recipes. Enjoy.


Follow Friday: @rustikmagazine


Check-out Rustik Magazine. An online publication designed to help you master sustainable living. Based in rural Nova Scotia they focus on issues that are affecting both urban and rural NS, and the Maritimes. However, much of their content could apply to anyone anywhere. If you are in NS you may find them to be a useful resource for local events related to food and the environment.

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Follow Friday: Toast to Food @toasttofood


While I firmly believe that it’s too early for Christmas (music, decorations, store displays…) it’s never too early to learn new cooking and recipe tips. Toast to Food has created a great tutorial series on holiday food. Toast to Food will highlight a holiday staple in each post and readers are encouraged to comment, add their own tips, feedback, and recipes. It’s a great communal way to share ideas for holiday cooking and to learn something in the process.


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