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Behind the Rainbow (Or Why I Dislike Canada’s Food Guide)


I think the time has come for my rant about Canada’s Food Guide. The major problems with the food guide as I see it: First, I have difficulty respecting a document that was made with input from lobby groups and the food industry. These groups should not have a voice when it comes to providing Canadians with guidance around making healthy food choices. Why is “milk and alternatives” even a food group? Sure, a lot of dairy is a great source of calcium. But it is possible to get this from other foods. Also, many people can’t digest lactose. Why would we create an entire food group around a food that many people can’t consume? Hmm… Could the presence of a certain lobby group have anything to do with this? Second, The selection of food groups in general is fairly arbitrary. Things like potatoes, for example, in my mind they’re a starch so when I have potatoes at a meal I would also have at least one other vegetable and I probably wouldn’t have a grain. Should vegetables and fruits be lumped together? Maybe. Probably not. The lines between the food groups are blurry. Food doesn’t fit into neat little groups or stripes in a rainbow.

Author: Diana

I'm a registered dietitian from Nova Scotia, living and working in Ontario, Canada. My goal is to help people relearn how to have a healthy relationship with food.

2 thoughts on “Behind the Rainbow (Or Why I Dislike Canada’s Food Guide)

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