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#FS2012 Canadian Food Summit in Tweets

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My summary of the Canadian Food Summit 2012 in tweets:

  • The line-up for #FS2012 is insane! Hope this means it’s going to be a good conference.
  • Loads of food for breakfast at #FS2012 but no fruit or yoghurt! A little disappointing. Obviously not organized by dietitians.
  • Galen Weston on farmers’ markets: “someday they’re going to kill people.” Side note: Maple Leaf Foods is one of the #FS2012 sponsors.
  • Interesting dynamic when a conference has food industry, farmers, public health, non-profit…
  • Go Nick Saul from @TheStopCFC asking Galen Weston about the true cost breakdown of food!
  • Butter at the highest end of food prices.
  • Great presentation by Kim Raine at #FS2012 – they should’ve switched it so the food industry ppl were forced to attend.
  • MQ: the costs of junk food are hidden/forestalled as the costs to healthcare down the line @bittman #amen
  • Just had a vision of sugary foods and beverages being sold by dealers on the street like crack.
  • And then there was coca cola and ice cream sandwiches. Apparently we’re not planning on leading by example.
  • Large scale agriculture is the only way forward in Canadian food industry according to Michael McCain. #ignorance
  • If by “enjoy” you mean feeling frustrated and enraged, then yes, absolutely enjoying this ;)
  • No fresh fruit at break but we did have this lovely display of plastic veg.
  • Looking forward to this debate with @bittman and @thelocavore!
  • In case you were wondering: there’s about 8 mg vitamin C in a small McDonald’s fries and in an apple. More to it than that though.
  • Excellent passionate and rational argument by @thelocavore – take notes @bittman!
  • Hey Rob: supermarkets and farmers’ markets aren’t diametrically opposed. You can buy local food at the supermarket.
  • Also, farmers’ markets aren’t novelties for everyone. I know loads of people who do the bulk of their shopping at them.
  • Interesting that there’s been no discussion about Community Supported Agriculture.
  • Great first day at #FS2012 – nice to make so many new twitter friends. Looking forward to tomorrow (but first sleep!).
  • So Canada is 3rd (behind Australia & Chile) with a rating of -1.5; therefore, at low risk for food insecurity. What does this mean?
  • Consumer food security will be assured as long as producers make money.
  • New Moo Moo Bar. 1.5″ long and 3 g saturated fat, 11 g sugar.
  • I learned a lesson from yesterday and brought a banana with me for breakfast. Not even fruit centre pieces today.
  • “Get a government that cares!” – @scotfoodjames
  • Disappointed by @scotfoodjames commenting that “fat tax” is bad because we should take personal responsibility.
  • Ralph Martin at #FS2012 suggests we consider having a Ministry of Food and bringing home economics back to schools. Yes! And YES!!
  • @scotfoodjames I agree that taxation isn’t the answer but not bc we can take personal responsibility. We need to change our food environment.
  • @scotfoodjames education is one piece but not enough. Healthy choices need to be easier to make.
  • Excellent presentation by Nick Saul from @TheStopCFC! Yes to Ministry of Food, yes to National School Nutrition Program!
  • I like that Nick Saul pointed out that we need to be involved in food policy not just as consumers but as citizens.
  • Just had lunch with a gentleman from the CFIA. Keep an eye out for up coming food labelling public consultations.
  • Unfortunate that #FS2012 ended on such an uninspiring mote. Overall an interesting couple of days though.

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I'm a registered dietitian from Nova Scotia, living and working in Ontario, Canada. My goal is to help people see food and nutrition from a different perspective and understand that nutrition and health are not necessarily a result of personal choice.

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