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Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day!

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I think I need to stop looking on foodimentary for ideas for my weekend posts as I’m not coming up with the most nutritious subject matter. But… Today is National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day (my FAVOURITE!) so I couldn’t resist telling you all that it’s happening. Strawberry-rhubarb may well be the ultimate fruit combo. It’s definitely also the best jam. I don’t know how anyone could resist the combination of sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb.

Sadly, I have yet to perfect my strawberry-rhubarb pie recipe. Every year I seem to forget that the recipe I have is far too soupy and I make it yet again – not this year though, this year I will not be fooled! Until I perfect my pie (feel free to send me your best recipe) I highly recommend this Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble from 101cookbooks which has rapidly become one of my favourite dessert recipes.

Author: Diana

I'm a registered dietitian from Nova Scotia, living and working in Ontario, Canada. My goal is to help people see food and nutrition from a different perspective and understand that nutrition and health are not necessarily a result of personal choice.

One thought on “Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day!

  1. My first non-soupy strawberry-rhubarb pie was a happy accident. The previous summer I had a lot of strawberries and I dehydrated some so that they would not spoil. The following spring, when rhubarb came in, I still had not used up those dehydrated strawberries, so I put some of them in a food processor with the sugar that I was going to use in my usual rhubarb pie recipe. I whirred them around a little and they ground up with the sugar, making strawberry-flavored sugar which I added to the pie in place of the usual sugar.

    It was the best rhubarb pie I had ever made, and not at all soupy. Strawberry-rhubarb pie comes out soupy because the strawberries are so juicy.

    I have made the same pie twice since then, and I’m still perfecting the amount of dehydrated strawberries to add, but all the results have been delicious.


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