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The great Nova Scotia cake walk debacle


I was going to stay out of this cake debacle but I just can’t keep my mouth shut after reading this article in the Globe and Mail. Plus I just recently ranted about the problems with the Nova Scotia School Food and Beverage Policy. If you haven’t already heard about the latest, basically people are suddenly outraged that cake walks are not permitted as school fundraisers. Now, to be perfectly honest, I have fond memories of the year that I won the cake walk at my elementary school Fun Fair (not that I could eat it because I was allergic to wheat but that’s beside the point). I don’t see the harm in having a fundraiser like that once a year. The problem here is that these occasions have become increasingly frequent and every event/cafeteria/tuckshop in schools seems to come with a plethora of nutritionally void foods. Hence, the introduction of a nutrition policy in the public school system five years ago. Why, when this policy has supposedly been in effect since 2007, people are only just now getting outraged about the ban on cake walks seems ridiculous to me. Obviously the policy is not being upheld. I am disappointed by the reaction of Ramona Jennex, the NS Education Minister who said that cake walks are okay and not classified as fundraisers even though they’re raising funds for schools and fundraising through the sale of “junk” food is not permitted. Say what?? I’m even more disappointed by the reaction of parents and the public. Our public education system is in tatters. Teachers are being made to serve as glorified babysitters and the one thing that people muster up the energy to get worked up over is the right to hold a freaking cake walk??! What about the cutting of teaching positions? The loss of programs outside of the core such as art, music, enrichment, and special education? What about the fact that students are entering into university without the ability to spell, write a grammatically correct sentence, or complete assignments in a timely fashion? What about the fact that we do have an obesity epidemic and we should be teaching children healthy habits not just math and geography? Seriously people, priorities.

Author: Diana

I'm a registered dietitian from Nova Scotia, living and working in Ontario, Canada. My goal is to help people see food and nutrition from a different perspective and understand that nutrition and health are not necessarily a result of personal choice.

3 thoughts on “The great Nova Scotia cake walk debacle

  1. Sorry I missed this when it was originally posted. Thanks for mentioning it again on Twitter the other day.


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