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Special report: How not to lose 18 pounds of belly fat in one month!



Okay… I know that I’ve essentially written this post before but I can’t resist commenting on this advertisement for green coffee bean extract. I was on facebook (don’t worry it’s for work!) the other day and I noticed a promoted link to an article that appeared to be that American show The Doctors praising the benefits of some miraculous way to drop body fat. I was surprised that The Doctors would be promoting such nonsense so out of curiosity I decided to check out the link (above).

Not surprisingly, the link takes to you a site that doesn’t have any mention of The Doctors whatsoever. It, on first glance, appears to be an article written for Women’s Health magazine. It’s also an advertisement for a brand of green coffee bean extract masquerading as an article written by an actual journalist. The journalist? One Helen Hasman. Who, upon googling appears to have been the reported for several diet scams. Does this person exist? It doesn’t seem so. Even if she does, she is certainly not a reporter for Women’s Health.

As with the other advertisement for another green coffee bean extract, this ad raves about people who lost weight without making any diet or lifestyle changes. All they had to do was take the pills. I can completely understand why people would want to believe that this is true. Who wouldn’t want to be able to lose weight without changing their diet or lifestyle? However, if it was this simple don’t you think that more people would be doing it? Have you ever met someone who’s lost weight without changing their lifestyle? (chronic diseases don’t count!). Even the comments on the “article” are clearly fake. And when you click on the “links” to other sections of the magazine they all take you to a site from which you can purchase the magical green coffee beans.

I’ve said it before: don’t fall for advertisements masquerading as articles.

Author: Diana

I'm a registered dietitian from Nova Scotia, living and working in Ontario, Canada. My goal is to help people see food and nutrition from a different perspective and understand that nutrition and health are not necessarily a result of personal choice.

5 thoughts on “Special report: How not to lose 18 pounds of belly fat in one month!

  1. Hi Diana,
    I just happen to come across your blog. I am so glad that you uncovered the truth about Helen Hasman or what ever her name is. Her photo is also attached to someone with the name Samantha Barston who wrote reviews on several diet suppliments. Not to mention that the results given were almost exactly word for word and also almost word for word with a another women who reviewed Garcinia Cambogia Select by the name of Brenda Davis. It’s a shame that these scam artists are able to pray on the public. Thank you for reporting the truth!



  2. Dear Diana, one thing more you can add to your reports is the number of people that get ripped off.
    I guess I was two days to late to find that the ads featuring Dr. O. His is only on his website. $50. is very hard to come by and I was the chump. I fell for the story about the Garcinia Cambogiay Hook, Line and Sinker. I had been reading about the Product. After sending my money, I received NO receipt or company information in which to contact them.
    My husband and I both have cancer. Mine is Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It or the chemo has caused me to gain over 50 lbs. I need to lose that 50 lbs and more. That money could have been put toward a medical bill.
    I am sure that God will find a special place for the people that are ripping us off!!
    Keep on researching and posting!


  3. There is no Helen Hasman. The pictures they post of her are Mélissa Theuriau. She is a famous French Tv reporter. That is a scam.


  4. It’s funny (not really) but when I read their whole “article” on the amazing products results and finally came to the end where they show her supposed before and after pictures..I thought something was strange because I have extremely good face recognition abilities and thought they weren’t even of the same 2 women. Then I decided to Google both the magazine & Helen Hasman and found your site & comments. Shame shame on them. But at least I wasn’t fooled into buying those products. Thanks. And blessing to all.


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