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What I ate


I’ve decided to start something new. Check out the upper right-hand corner for the page “What I Ate” to see what I’m eating, including recipe links whenever I can.

Author: Diana

I'm a registered dietitian from Nova Scotia, living and working in Ontario, Canada. My goal is to help people see food and nutrition from a different perspective and understand that nutrition and health are not necessarily a result of personal choice.

5 thoughts on “What I ate

  1. Hi Diana,
    I just found your blog because I wanted to find a registered dietitian in the Halifax area that specializes in whole foods and supplementation … first question: do you see private clients?
    Second, yesterday, in Sobey’s at West End Mall to my surprise they had fresh baked SPROUTED bread … I bought some to try and it was delicious!!! I did comment to the person behind the counter that as excited as I was and would try it that the labeling was insufficient and as a result will likely continue to buy it but without regularly … I want to know what’s in it and a story behind it … I bet if it was additionally made as a “clean” and made from Canadian sourced food product … it would fly off the shelves. Cheers, Lee


    • Hi Lee,

      Thanks for your comment! I haven’t tried the new sprouted breads (just heard about them yesterday so I’ll have to wait until after Easter). Odd that they couldn’t tell you the ingredients though. Unfortunately, in my current work I don’t do one-on-one consultations. However, feel free to email me with any questions and I can also recommend a private practice dietitian in the area. Cheers!


      • Thanks, Diana, I would like a couple of people to check out. I’ll email you directly soon.
        Re. sprouted bread … I understand it does have gluten but less than regular bread … how much does it generally have? e.g. Silver Hills Hardy Hearty Health bread, for example.
        And re. what the fresh sprouted bread was made out of at Sobey’s … I don’t think the clerk knew the answer … other than what was on the Nutrition Facts label.


  2. Lee,

    I’m not actually sure about the gluten content of sprouted bread vs “traditional” bread. It may be reduced, but I don’t know by how much and yes, you’re correct, it absolutely does still contain gluten. I’m somewhat surprised that the new sprouted bread has a nutrition facts label but no ingredient label. You should be able to find out the ingredients from bakery staff. If not, perhaps try contacting the head office customer care department.


    • Diana, thanks so much for replying. I’ll ask to speak with the Bakery Manager, next time I’m in the store. Knowing it’s fresh (yum!), high in Iron and Fibre right now is enough … I’m still going to eat it and treat it as a “treat” food. And I’ll be in touch about the referral. Cheers!


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