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Meet the happy couple: Domino’s and Dairy Farmers of Canada

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Domino’s and Dairy Farmers of Canada were the happy new couple yesterday. Domino’s proudly proclaimed their new commitment to use only 100% Canadian cheese on their pizzas. Dairy Farmers of Canada was overjoyed by the marriage. We can only speculate that DFC came with a hefty dowry.

Obviously this is a win-win. Domino’s gets to look good for using only “local” cheese. Hush now, don’t question the fact that Canada is a HUGE country and “local” doesn’t quite encompass all of its cheese products. And don’t even bother to question the fact that Domino’s (an American chain) is hardly a local business. Dairy Farmers of Canada gets the certainty that at least one pizza chain will use only Canadian cheese on their Canadian pizzas. Of course, Domino’s made the same commitment to the US Dairy Association several years ago. Not to mention the publicity that both parties get out of this partnership.

Those more skeptical among us might question the motives behind this union. Although the details are not readily available, I can’t help but to speculate that this relationship is similar to that in the US. For those who haven’t read the second link above, the USDA bailed out a floundering Domino’s in return for promised use of more of their cheese, and only their cheese.

Dairy Farmers of Canada, you know that you don’t have to marry the first corporation that wants to get in bed with you, right? You could have done so much better than this. You could have committed to an initiative that would have garnered positive publicity such as working with schools or food banks to provide milk or yoghurt to those in need. You could have chosen a more nutritious product to attach your name to. Yes, good pizza is delicious but Domino’s is far from good and putting more cheese on it isn’t going to hide that fact (nor, let’s face it, is it going to make it any more nutritious). At the very least you could have joined forces with a Canadian company to promote your Canadian cheese. You know that Domino’s only wants you for your money, right?

Author: Diana

I'm a registered dietitian from Nova Scotia, living and working in Ontario, Canada. My goal is to help people see food and nutrition from a different perspective and understand that nutrition and health are not necessarily a result of personal choice.

One thought on “Meet the happy couple: Domino’s and Dairy Farmers of Canada

  1. Dairy Farmers of Canada is committed to providing Canadians quality food through a number of initiatives and programs.

    Consumers want to know where their food is coming from, whether it is a glass of milk, a piece of chicken or beef, or a slice of pizza, and Domino’s commitment was a natural fit. Domino’s Pizza of Canada is a strong believer in fresh, high quality and local products, and is a proud supporter of Canadian dairy farmers. In fact, Domino’s is the first national pizza company in Canada to make the commitment to use only Canadian cheese made from 100% Canadian milk, which helps to support our cheese making industry and dairy farmers, and gives consumers the assurance that the cheese on their menu items are produced in Canada.

    Other great organizations, such as Loblaw’s, already partner with dairy farmers by producing private label dairy products using only 100% Canadian milk. Overall, there are over 4,000 dairy products in Canada today, national brands and private labels, from 219 dairy processors on supermarket shelves bearing the 100% Canadian Milk symbol – and Dairy Farmers of Canada does not charge or exchange money for its use. It is a true commitment made by the organization.

    Additionally, dairy farmers do support a number of much-need initiatives throughout the year. For decades, dairy farmers from coast-to-coast support school milk programs (milkinschool.ca) and also have a long and proud history supporting food banks in their local communities – including 2,125 kg of skim milk powder in Nova Scotia to improve nutrition in meals distributed in food banks across the province. We invite you to read about dairy farmers’ support of local food banks across the country – http://www.dairyfarmers.ca/farmers-voice/events/dairy-farmers-giving-thanks-giving-back.

    Canada’s dairy farmers are committed to the betterment of the communities where they live and work.


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