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I DoughNOT recommend the Krispy Kreme Challenge



Box pile at the Krispy Kreme Challenge. Photo by Dan Block. Used under a Creative Commons Licence

I feel like I’ve heard about the Krispy Kreme Challenge before but I’d never really paid it much attention. The other day, a post by Canadian Running caught my attention. It was about the challenge and I clicked on the link to read the full article. I have to admit that I actually had a feeling of revulsion as I read that participants in this challenge must consume 2, 400 calories worth of doughnuts and run 8k to complete the challenge which is a fundraiser for a children’s hospital (#facepalm). In case you missed my earlier rants about fast food charity, here’s a taste.

A someone who loves to run (I’ve run over 400 days in a row and am currently training for the Boston Marathon) and who loves to eat doughnuts, and sometimes even combines the two, I am not opposed to doughnuts. But the idea of eating 12 doughnuts, equivalent to 2, 400 calories, whether during a run or not seems like too much of a good thing. Considering that I would probably burn just over 400 calories on an 8k run, I would be ingesting an excess 2, 000 calories, essentially all of my calories for the day with none of the other important nutrients. In fact, I would have to run a full marathon (42.2k) to use the energy from all of those doughnuts. Curious how many calories you would burn during the Krispy Kreme Challenge? Check-out this calculator.

This sort of challenge just feeds into the (false) notion that you can compensate for whatever you eat through exercise. Because it’s for charity, you’re left feeling good about feeling ill from eating far too many doughnuts and running a relatively short distance. If you want to support the hospital, make a donation. This challenge is a total doughNOT.

Author: Diana

I'm a registered dietitian from Nova Scotia, living and working in Ontario, Canada. My goal is to help people see food and nutrition from a different perspective and understand that nutrition and health are not necessarily a result of personal choice.

2 thoughts on “I DoughNOT recommend the Krispy Kreme Challenge

  1. Or, and hear me out here, it’s a dumb fun thing people can do with their friends and something they can challenge themselves with. It’s something to make memories out of it. Like eating the hottest buffalo wing in a restaurant to get your picture on a wall.

    It’s not specifically for people to “exercise so they can eat a dozen doughnuts” and it’s not meant solely so people can give money to the hospital (why the facepalm?) It’s a simple, yet hard thing for people to do that gives them enjoyment (admittedly, not during the actual event, per say).

    Not everything has to be a A >> B >> C type relationship to health or nutrition.


    • I honestly don’t think as a one-off it’s an issue for someone who leads a generally healthy lifestyle. My issues are 1. with the use of junk food as a fundraiser, especially for an organization that’s in the healthcare business and 2. With the implict (false) message that an unhealthy diet is okay as long as you exercise.


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