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I should be writing about Nutrition Month but… yawn. It’s also Trypod Month so here, in no particular order, are the podcasts that I listen to on the regular. I’m always looking for more because I listen to them while I’m running (which is a lot these days gearing up for Boston) and cooking and cleaning and driving so if you have any suggestions for me, feel free to leave a comment!

This American Life – the quintessential gateway podcast. True stories of life in America (and sometimes elsewhere). Usually hosted by Ira Glass with excellent reporting by a slew of producers. You can also find them on twitter @ThisAmerLife

Snap Judgment – a storytelling podcast, with a beat, hosted by Glynn Washington. On twitter @snapjudgment

The Moth – classic storytelling podcast with live events across the US (with a few in Canada). Twitter: @themoth

Surprisingly Awesome – a member of the gimlet media dynasty (seriously, they’re churning out new podcasts like crazy). Each episode features something that you probably think is lame but by the time the episode ends you’re converted to believing that it’s awesome. Twitter: @surprisingshow

Invisibilia – a fascinating show about the hidden forces that drive our behaviour with way too short seasons ;) Twitter: @NPRinvisibilia

Within the Wires – a quirky show from Night Vale featuring a series of “relaxation” cassettes. Twitter: @withinthewires

More Perfect – a spin-off from Radiolab about the Supreme Court. Twitter: @moreperfect

Note to Self – the tech show that everyone should be listening to. Feeds my paranoia about the Internet and smart phones and facebook. Twitter: @notetoself

Alice Isn’t Dead – a fictional series about a truck driver searching for her missing wife. Brought to you by Night Vale. Twitter: @AlicePodcast

Someone Knows Something – Canada’s (disappointing) answer to Serial. I keep listening anyway. Twitter: @skscbc

Undisclosed – this podcast was like the in depth story behind Serial telling Adnan’s story and then moving on to stories of others who were wrongfully convicted in the US. Hosted by lawyers, it’s very enlightening about how the US justice system works (or doesn’t sometimes). Twitter: @undisclosedpod

Death, Sex & Money – interviews with people asking about things that are usually taboo. Twitter: @deathsexmoney

Radiolab – another classic podcast. It brings you stories that you probably won’t hear anywhere else. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from this one. Twitter: @radiolab

the memory palace – Nate DiMao has the most soothing voice and brings you fascinating stories from the past. Twitter: @thememorypalace

Modern Love – essays about love from the NYT column read by actors.

Love + Radio – in-depth eclectic interviews. Twitter: @loveandradio

Science Vs – the first season came from Australia. Now Wendy Zukerman is part of the Gimlet media dynasty. Great takes on popular trends comparing fact and fiction. Twitter: @sciencevs

The Allusionist – a unique podcast exploring language. Twitter: @allusionistshow

Strangers – true stories connecting us to others. Twitter: @leathau

StartUp – each season features a new startup and follows their story. Twitter: @podcaststartup

Criminal – the original crime podcast featuring stories about criminals and crimes. Twitter: @criminalshow

The Sporkful – the only food podcast that I listen to and it’s one for eaters. Twitter: @thesporkful

Reply All – a podcast about the Internet. I love their yes-yes-no segment where Alex, Alex, and PJ explain the meaning of things like tweets and memes. Twitter: @replyall

Love Me – CBC actually made a decent podcast! Twitter: @luolkowski

Sooo Many White Guys – comedian Phoebe Robinson interviews everyone except white guys. Twitter: @dopequeenpheebs

Embedded – a deeper look at stories from the media. Twitter: @kellymcevers

Revisionist History – I find Malcolm Gladwell to be condescending and sexist. In spite of that I really enjoy his podcast. In Revisionist History he takes something from the past and reexamines it. Twitter: @rvsthistory

Only Human – stories about health. Informative and interesting. Twitter: @onlyhuman

Heavyweight – the new show from Jonathan Goldstein, the man who brought you WireTap every Saturday at 3:30 pm on CBC radio one. If you didn’t listen to that, go binge on those podcasts first. Heavyweight brings you more from that cast of characters you loved on WireTap taking a look at pivotal moments in people’s lives. Twitter: @heavyweight

Reveal– Al Letson takes a deeper look at stories that have been in the news. Twitter: @reveal

Undone – only one season of this show that looked at how big stories that we thought were over were actually the beginning of other things. Twitter: @undoneshow

LifeAfter – podcast theatre thriller. By the same people who brought you The Message. Twitter: @lifeafteronline

Crimetown – the unbelievable story of crime and corruption in Boston. I love the theme music. Twitter: @crimetown

Homecoming – a thriller with a stellar cast. Twitter: @homecomingshow

DTR – a podcast from gimlet and tinder about defining relationships in the digital age. Interesting but feels a little forced.

On the Media – a sort-of inside scoop on things you might have seen or heard on the news. They did a fantastic series on poverty that should be required listening for everyone. Twitter: @onthemedia

#GoodMuslimBadMuslim – Taz and Zahra share stories about being Muslim (it’s a lot more than that). Twitter: @zahracomedy and @tazzystar

Twice Removed – this podcast takes a walk through a different person’s family tree in each episode and then reveals a mystery relative. Twitter: @twiceremoved

Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything – a little bit of everything. Twitter: @benjaminwalker

In the Dark – the wild in-depth story of the investigation into the abduction of an 11 year-old boy. They’re currently accepting donations to get a second season going. Twitter: @apmreports

Missing Richard Simmons – I feel really weird about listening to this podcast. It seems kind of exploitative and yet I can’t get enough. Before this podcast came out I didn’t even know Richard Simmons was mia and now I must know what the story is. Twitter: @missingrsimmons

Serial – I almost forgot to tell you about this one because the last season was lacklustre and ended a while back I forgot to add it to stitcher on my (now not so new) phone. Anyway, the first season was SO GOOD. Even with Sarah injecting herself into it more than I would have liked. Twitter: @serial

Limetown – another drama I nearly forgot about in which a reporter asks what happened to the people of Limetown. Twitter: @limetownstories

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I'm a registered dietitian from Nova Scotia, living and working in Ontario, Canada. My goal is to help people see food and nutrition from a different perspective and understand that nutrition and health are not necessarily a result of personal choice.

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  1. Just started listening to Adam Ruins Everything. Conversations with experts from different fields. Enjoying it.

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