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Follow Friday: Bay of Quinte Art & Wine @BoQ_Art_Wine


If you’re in the Belleville area on June 10th you should probably check out the Bay of Quinte Art & Wine Festival happening downtown. There will be local artists showing and selling their works. While perusing the art, you can sample local wine (or beer) and have a snack from a local food vendor, and enjoy the sounds of the Quinte Symphony.

The festival is taking place from 10 am to 8 pm to suit morning and evening people alike. For the latest info about this event, follow them on twitter at @BoQ_Art_Wine. If you’re an artist, food vendor, or beverage producer and would like to get involved, I believe that they still have spaces available so get in touch with them via their website or social media.

The lovely image used on the banner of the BOQ Art& Wine website is of a painting by my talented neighbour (and cat sitter extraordinaire) Claudette Belanger.


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Follow Friday: @swaleNY and @space10_journal



Growroom photo by Designmilk on flickr. Used under a Creative Commons Licence.


No people to follow today. Just a couple of cool food growing ideas I’ve seen recently.

The first is a “floating food forest” on a barge in NYC. The barge, named Swale, will be stopping in ports along the Husdon throughout the summer. Allowing people to board it to experience it as both an art installation and as an opportunity to score some fresh produce.

The second is a “Growroom“; a spherical structure in which plants are grown along all the walls. The idea originated in Denmark and a team of students at the University of Alberta built the first one in Canada recently. It looks so lush inside and could be a fairly affordable and space economizing way to grow a number of vegetables and herbs.

If you want to build your own growroom, Space 10 (the originators of the concept) have made the plans open source.


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Follow Friday: Mattress food art

Apparently my Follow Fridays are all about food art now. Whatever, it’s pretty cool. Check out this artist, Lor-K, who turns abandoned mattresses into food (and other stuff).

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Follow Friday: @chefjacqueslamerde

This Wired article in one of my google alerts alerted (hmm… could probably do with a synonym there) me to this hilarious Instagram account. It was created by a real chef as a parody of the pretentious world of gourmet food.

How could you not love things like this dish made of “elite fish imported from Sweden”?

or this beautiful Velveeta plate?

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Follow Friday: Colossal


My friend send me the link to this neat art project on Colossal last night. It’s a variety of foods cut into precise 2.5 centimetre cubes and photographed. It looks like there’s some other neat art projects on the site as well. Things like biodegradable utensils that look like vegetables and common foods painted to disguise them as other foods.