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Top 16 of 2016


It seems that most of my top posts were from earlier years, but here are the most popular from 2016 (from most to least hits):

  1. Grocery store lessons: Catelli “SuperGreens” pasta
  2. Should veganism be a human right?
  3. Where did her body go?
  4. Hey food industry, get out of RD conferences! #FNCE
  5. Boycott Fit to Fat to Fit
  6. Childhood obesity is not something to be battled
  7. Top 10 nutrition quacks to follow
  8. Ditch the meds: a dietitian dispensing drugs
  9. Doctors giving nutrition advice probably shouldn’t reference Pete Evans
  10. 16 cancer causing foods: what THEY don’t want you to know
  11. Is this good for me?
  12. Comparing apples to oranges
  13. The dark side of dietetics
  14. What foods will dietitians never eat?
  15. Licence to farm review (Rant)
  16. How to choose yoghurt (#FF @canva)