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Follow Friday @nutritionwonk

If you enjoy reading topical nutrition blogs (and if you don’t, um… you may be in the wrong place) I recommend you check out one of the newer kids on the block Nutrition Wonk (aka Katherine aka @smarfdoc on twitter).

As a grad student studying nutrition biochemistry and epidemiology, Katherine takes a science-focused approach to writing about popular nutrition news. She does an excellent job of writing in a way that’s both accessible to the layperson and informative to those in the field.

Looking for an unbiased assessment of the latest article on the war on sugar? A thorough take-down of Laura Prepon’s diet book? How about an interview with Dr Yoni Freedhoff? She’s got it all, and more.

I’m looking forward to reading her future posts and I hope you will as well!

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Follow Friday: @slimsanity


I’ve been twitter friends with Alysia (AKA Slim Sanity) for a while now but I must confess I hadn’t really checked out her website. That changed this week when, in a quest for new strength training workouts. I get bored pretty easily and wanted to try something new but didn’t feel like planning out my own workout. Enter her Move It Monday – Beat the Boredom workout which was perfect after a long Sunday at work. I’ve since done one of her arm and ab workouts and a leg workout. She has some longer ones but I find these perfect for my strength training after my shorter training runs (gearing up for the Bluenose Half Marathon in a few weeks). She also has a bunch of great recipes, which I need to try out, a blog, healthy living on a budget tips, blog tips, etc. Lots of great stuff! She’s also one of the co-founders of Sweat Pink which is a community encouraging women in fitness.

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Follow Friday: Eathropology


The other day one of my twitter RD friends tweeted a link to the post “Broccoli has more protein than steak”—and other crap on the blog Eathropology. Even though the post was written nearly a year ago it’s just as relevant today. I must confess, it was a little long for my attention span (as much as I respect lengthy blog posts, who has time to read them?) but I read most of it and skimmed the rest. And I liked what I read.

The author of Eathropology is Adele Hite, an RD in the US. She’s got a great personable writing style that makes you feel like she’s writing to a close friend while also being intelligent and informative.

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Follow Friday: Diet Duchess

Diet Duchess - Eat Fabulously and Diet Easily. Modern Day Lady Conquering Diet

Not long ago I was asked if I would answer a few questions about my diet by fellow dietitian Perryn Carroll. She added a “What do dietitians eat?” section to her fabulous Diet Duchess blog in an effort to help dispel misconceptions about the nutritional proclivities of dietitians. Always happy to help dispel myths about dietitians and to do a little quiz (true fact: I used to wish I had a job at which I could complete surveys, assemble IKEA furniture, and bake/eat all day) I happily accepted her request. You can check out my answers and those of other dietitians here. I also recommend perusing the other sections of her blog: diet advice, diet etiquette, and food reviews while you’re there. You can also follow Perryn on twitter at: @PerrynCarroll.

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Follow Friday: @eatrealberealns


Today’s Follow Friday goes out to my twitter friend Dallas (@eatrealberealns) and her blog of the same name.

I actually first encountered her blog when I was living in Belleville, Ontario and she was the Southwestern Ontario Foodie. Now we’re both in NS. Small world.

If you’re into local food then you should check out her blog. She writes about her experiences with local food; from restaurants to markets to cookbooks and recipes. Enjoy.