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Brussels sprouts aren’t so bad

One food that I’ve never been able to tolerate is the brussels sprout. I’ve always described them as little green farts. Both the smell and the taste always turned me off. I’d only ever had them boiled or steamed when my mum would make them and insist on putting one on my plate just in case I would change my mind, yes this was happening well into my 20s when I would come home for dinner. Then my brother made a meal featuring brussels sprouts sauteed with bacon and cheese. It was delicious. I started to come around a little bit but still wasn’t convinced. After all, wouldn’t pretty much vegetable be improved by the addition of bacon and cheese? Last week I made a vegan dish of caramelized tofu and brussels sprouts at the recommendation of a client. It was quick and easy and amazingly delicious. Sometimes the trick to learning to like a food is trying it prepared in different ways.

Brussels sprouts are a little bit on the higher side for calories than many other vegetables, coming in at 166 kcal per cup. They’re well worth it though s they’re loaded with calcium (39 mg), fibre (3.8 g), iron (1.3 mg), and folate (57 g).