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Real dietitians eat butter

I love twitter! I learn so much through that little app, and all the awesome people I follow on there, every day. One of the best things I saw on there this week was this Cooking Oil Comparison Chart¬†created by Andy Bellatti and Andrew Wilder. I promptly shared the link with some friends, family, and colleagues, and printed the chart to post on my fridge. I strongly recommend that you read Andy’s blog post relating the science behind the chart. As a dietitian, I feel that many of my colleagues, and the public, are still of the mindset that all fat is bad. I can still remember the day in Foods Lab when I was sampling the multigrain herb bread that we had made and I made the offhand comment to the instructors that “it could use a little butter”. One of them laughed and said “and this is a future dietitian” because I should know better than to be eating butter, the food of the devil. Ah, the sweet vindication that comes with time! Not to say that I eat butter all the time, but I’m far more inclined to use butter than I am to use margarine. And take note, not all butters are created equal. You are what the cow that makes the milk that’s used for the butter eats.