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Nutrition Month 2012: Get the real deal on Dietitians of Canada

Nutrition Month 2012: Get the real deal on your meal?
In case you haven’t already heard: March is Nutrition Month! Every year, Dietitians of Canada runs a campaign for Nutrition Month. I was excited when I heard that this years theme was “Get the real deal on your meal!” It’s all about “busting up food and nutrition myths.” Awesome, pretty much exactly my MO on this blog. Then I saw the material…. My excitement quickly turned to disappointment upon seeing what appears to me to be a missed opportunity. Some of the purported myths may actually be truths, and even the ones that are true are “busted” in such a wishy-washy manner that they may as well be true. Fortunately, my disappointment was short-lived as I realised that I could attempt to tackle this missed opportunity. So, every day this month, I’ll be re-busting one of DC’s myths. There’s 39 in total so I may skip a few, or double-up.
I’d like to begin today by addressing the issue of sponsorship. Personally I am not a member of Dietitians of Canada because I think it’s shameful, not to mention unethical, that they accept sponsorship from the food industry. To me, that’s a major conflict of interest, and as registered dietitians we’d be investigated by our provincial governing body (and hopefully stripped of credentials) if we were receiving money from the food industry. DC does not disappoint with the sponsors of Nutrition Month 2012. The sponsors this year are: Dairy Farmers of Canada, Loblaw Companies Limited, General Mills Canada, Unilever – specifically Hellman’s and Lipton. How can anyone take a nutrition campaign seriously that’s sponsored by mayonnaise and a company that makes Betty Crocker?! Is it a coincidence that the myths include: three myths about milk, a myth about tea, and a myth about mayonnaise? I think not.