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Crazy Apples? Sanity Please!

A friend recently told me about “Crazy Apples“. It took me a little while to view their website as I can’t view flash sites on my phone and my laptop is so antiquated that I no longer have flash on it. Hopefully, you don’t have the same problems!

So… These apples are definitely crazy. They’re regular apples that have been flavoured with either bubble gum, pomegranate grape, or tropical blast. Somehow the flavour is inside the apple but they don’t inject them and they haven’t been genetically modified. It’s a “secret” as to how they get the flavour in there, and what exactly the flavour is made from (besides all natural vegetarian ingredients). I don’t know about you, but this makes me a little nervous. I like to know what’s going into my food and I don’t want an apple that’s been mysteriously flavoured to taste like something else.

Also, what’s wrong with apples anyway? There are over 8, 000 varieties of apples in the world. Surely, you can find one that your child will enjoy without it tasting like bubble gum. When did it happen that fruit wasn’t good enough just being itself? Are children that bored with regular apples that we have to serve them with caramel dips or turn them into other fruits? I think that we’re not giving kids enough credit. We’re the ones who are crazy if we start to think that foods aren’t good enough just being themselves.