Dispelling nutrition myths, ranting, and occasionally, raving

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Follow Friday: @Taste_Workshop


Michele Redmond is a chef and dietitian in Arizona who’s passion is helping people live well through enjoyment of food. She refers to herself as a “food enjoyment eating activist”  (love it!) and says that she has no patience for promoting restrictive eating as a solution to obesity – AMEN to that! She wants to help people create their own healthy eating environments where “food is a solution, not a problem”.

When I asked Michele if there was anything in particular she’d like me to share about her, she said that she’s planning to launch her own blog next month where she’ll be ranting about “our crazy food/eating culture” so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, you can find Michele on twitter at @Taste_Workshop or on her website The Taste Workshop. Her website has information about current and past events on great topics like knife skills and cooking with fermented dairy.

When Monika (last week’s Follow Friday) suggested Michele for a Follow Friday post she told me that Michele has helped her with recipe development and that she’s “big on helping people feel confident about appreciating how our sense of taste works”. Thanks for introducing us Monika!

If you know a dietitian who I should feature in a Follow Friday post, please send me your nomination(s)!


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Follow Friday: @HipVeggies #ff


In contrast to last week’s Follow Friday, this week we bring you Hip Veggies (aka Monika Woolsey). A dietitian in Arizona who tirelessly promotes local produce. She founded Hip Veggies in 2012 to bring together artists and food professionals to “promote locally grown produce, support local artists, and raise awareness of and support local hunger relief organizations”.  

You can purchase one of the bags from Hip Veggies on their website. You get a cute tote bag, and you support a hunger relief organization in Phoenix; win-win! Looking for some foodspiration? Check out the recipe section of the site.

When I asked Monika if there was anything in particular she’d like me to share with you, she told me that she forages and cooks with a lot of native desert foods. She also does some recipe development as part of her work to help customers more comfortable with novel produce from local farms. She’s also very excited to be starting her fourth season with her favourite veggie crushers, the the Milwaukee Brewers :)

Follow Monika/Hip Veggies on twitter @HipVeggies for a great mix of informative articles and humorous tweets.

Thanks to Rebecca Subbiah for nominating Hip Veggies for a Follow Friday post. If you have an RD you’d like to see featured in a future FF post please let me know!

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Follow Friday: @FarmGirlJen #FF


Getting back on track with my Follow Friday RD features. This week goes to Jennie Schmidt (aka @FarmGirlJen) who has the relatively unique perspective of a dietitian-turned-farmer. She also had the moxy to nominate herself for a Follow Friday post which I totally love. While she hasn’t technically practiced dietetics in about 16 years, she points out that she uses the same principles from clinical nutrition but now applies them to soil and plants.

Jennie grows soybeans, corn, green beans, tomatoes, and wine grapes in Maryland. She’s a big advocate for genetic modification. In fact, she warned me that if that’s not my thing, I might not want to feature her. You guys know that while I’m not a supporter of genetic modification in the food supply, I’m not a staunch anti-GMOer either and I think that listening to different perspectives and having open discourse is important. To read more about her thoughts on farming, you should check-out her blog The Foodie Farmer.

You can also find Jennie on Facebook as @DirtDietitian.

If you’d like to nominate a dietitian to be featured in a Follow Friday post, please let me know!


Follow Friday: @emmatrainRD


Emma Train (nee Holly) and I met early in our nutrition degrees and have stayed in touch since then. You do some good bonding when you’re lab partners in Dr. Kwan’s foods lab and then biochem. Not to mention the interminable bus rides to uni on the 80. Ah, memories. Since then, Emma has provided me with many blog topics (including the damn Ideal Protein, aka the post that won’t die) and now has joined me on the writing and ranting train.

Emma just had her first piece published in Ask Men about nutrition myths that need to die. You can also find her blogging at In Your Face Nutrition where she shares cooking tips, recipes, and food and nutrition thoughts. You can also find her on all of the social medias: Twitter @emmatrainRD, Facebook Emma Train RD, and Instagram @inyourfacenutrition.