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Grocery store lessons: Dempster’s Garden Vegetable Bread


Dempster’s recently came out with a Garden Vegetable Bread which has carrots and pumpkin baked into it. I must admit, the packaging is beautifully designed. However, the product inside the packaging is slightly less desirable.

The company website boasts: “1/2 serving of vegetables in every 2 slices”. As most of us don’t eat enough vegetables I suppose every little bit counts, even that 1/4 cup of carrots and pumpkin you get from eating two slices of bread. But… Are you really getting a 1/4 cup of vegetables. Technically, that’s the amount baked in. However, once it’s been processed and baked you don’t actually see any of the nutritional benefits of actual vegetables in that bread. Vitamin C? 0% of your daily recommended intake (an actual medium carrot has about 3.6 mg). Vitamin A? 6%. Okay, that’s better than Dempster’s 100% Whole Wheat Bread which has 0%. Still, an actual carrot has over 7, 000 mcg, more than 100% of your daily requirement.

That’s just a couple of nutrients in comparison to carrots. I think a better picture might be obtained if we compare the Garden Vegetable Bread to another bread. Looking at the nutrition facts panel for the vegetable bread and the whole wheat bread (aside from the whole wheat listing information based on one slice and the vegetable based on two… don’t you just hate how companies do that to make comparisons more complicated?!) they look pretty similar. They both have 220 calories for two slices, the vegetable has 1 g more fat (3 vs 2), the vegetable has more sodium (310 mg compared to 280 mg in the whole wheat), 180 mg of potassium in the vegetable vs 190 mg in the whole wheat, a bit more fibre in the whole wheat (6 g compared to 4 in the vegetable), slightly more protein in the whole wheat as well (8 g vs 7 g). As for the remainder of vitamins and minerals, they’re pretty much identical.

This bread isn’t horrible as far as store-bought breads go. The thing is, it’s nutritionally pretty much the same as all of the other whole grain breads from Dempster’s. If you’re looking for a new bread there’s no harm is giving it a try. But if you’re looking for vegetables you’d be better off hitting the produce section.