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The DL on “green coffee extract”

Sorry about the hiatus there over the weekend. Don’t worry; I wouldn’t abandon you like that! I was just busy driving halfway across the country for a workcation. During my travels I noticed a new pair of “Refreshers” beverages that Starbucks is promoting. The Very Berry and Cool Lime Refreshers™ Beverages allow you to “rethink how you energize” with green coffee extract. They give coffee haters a way to enjoy coffee without any of the actual taste of actual coffee.

I was curious what this “green coffee extract” was so I picked-up one of their little brochures. It turns out that green coffee extract is… wait for it…. caffeine! That’s right, just good old fashioned caffeine. The fact that it comes from green coffee beans is completely irrelevant except to Starbucks clever marketers. I hate to break it to you but these “moderate-calorie” afternoon pick-me-ups still contain 70-90 calories in a grande (that’s about 66-86 more calories than a grande black coffee) all of which come from sugar. If it’s the caffeine boost you’re looking for, these drinks have considerably less caffeine than brewed coffee or espresso. Refreshers™ are no replacement for coffee. If you don’t like coffee you’re much better off with tea than you are with these beverages.