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Juice cleanses


I know cleanses are nothing new for me to blog about but I felt compelled to respond to this article in the National Post. Specifically, to the suggestion that it can be a good thing that you feel fatigued during a juice cleanse. The spokesperson for the company providing the juices to the author (more on that later) stated: “Simply, if you’re putting less into your body, you’ll have less energy,” explains Snyder, “but fatigue can be a positive.” Apparently it can be a positive because it can spur you to have better sleep. It’s also advised to ease-up on your exercise routine during a juice cleanse.

You know what else can help you have a good sleep without depriving you of sufficient calories and nutrients? Fresh air and exercise. It seems ridiculous to me that you would want to consume a diet that leaves you feeling fatigued. Your diet should serve to improve your energy and mood.

I also find it a little inappropriate that the author is essentially promoting a line of juices through this article. If she had included scientific evidence to support the use of juice cleanses and had not named a brand of juices, and interviewed their spokesperson, the article might have a little bit more credibility. As it stands, this article is essentially an advertisement masquerading as journalism.