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Nestle Pure Life: A great way to save calories?

As a dietitian I’m always encouraging people to reduce consumption of caloric beverages and increase consumption of water. However, this new commercial from Nestle really rubs me the wrong way! So, by swapping out one sugar laden beverage a day for a bottle of water, while sitting on your ass watching tv, you’ll save 50, 000 kcal over a year. I like the message of drinking more water. I don’t like the message that the dad role modelling drinking water while lounging on the couch watching tv is supposed to be a good example. And I especially don’t like the message that bottled water is the way to go. Sure, if you’re caught on the go without your  reusable water bottle then buying a bottle of water may be the best choice. However, most North American cities have perfectly safe (probably actually safer than most bottled water) and palatable tap water. Tap water is a heck of a lot cheaper than bottled water and far less detrimental to the environment. Drink less pop and juice. Drink more tap water.