Dispelling nutrition myths, ranting, and occasionally, raving

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Apparently it’s National Pecan Day┬áso I thought I’d take this opportunity to extol the virtues of pecans. Like other nuts, pecans are a good source of protein, especially for non-meat eaters. Pecans are fairly high in fat (mostly the “good” kinds – mono- and polyunsaturated) which makes them fairly high in calories too. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consume them if you’re concerned about your calorie intake, it just means that you should limit yourself to the recommended serving size of 60 mL, that’ll give you less than 200 calories. In addition to protein and healthy fats, pecans also provide you with fibre, calcium, and potassium.

Try toasting them to enhance their flavour and use them as a topping for oatmeal or yoghurt. Add them to baked goods or even a grilled cheese sandwich with apple.