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Follow Friday: Expeller pressed oil (via @fooducate)


I must confess my ignorance. Yesterday at work my colleague and I were checking the ingredients on frozen whipped toppings to see if they’d improved any since we had last looked. As dietitians, neither of us are fans of hydrogenated oils or high-fructose syrups. Most of the toppings hadn’t changed any since the last time we’d looked (i.e. they still contained all of these undesirable ingredients). However, a newer one mentioned “expeller-pressed oil”. “Hmm” we said to each other “what does that mean?”. I promptly went and googled it (how did we get by before the Internet??), which brings me to this Follow Friday.

I found an excellent explanation regarding expeller-pressed oils (and the other methods of oil extraction) on fooducate’s blog. Basically, expeller-pressed is good. Cold expeller-pressed is best (although in the US – and Canada? – the cold part doesn’t hold much meaning). Another thing to check for when I’m label reading now.