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Would you like fries with that gold medal?

Props to the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges for calling out the London Olympics for their inappropriate sponsors. Much like, hmm… oh, a dietetic association accepting sponsorship from PepsiCo, the London Olympics is being sponsored by McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Heinekin. Pairing such nutritionally void types of food with highly skilled and fit athletes sends a terrible message to the average person, in particular, the average child. It implies that these world-class athletes regularly dine on such foods which, in most cases, is highly unlikely. Even if olympic athletes are consuming poor diets they are burning far more calories than most of us could ever imagine burning due to their intense training regimes. There is also the implication that poor diet can be compensated for by exercise. This is blatantly untrue, even if you are burning off the excess calories from a big mac combo (and let’s be realistic, you’re probably not) you’re still not going to be as healthy as you would be if you were fuelling your body with nutrient-dense foods. The association being drawn between nutritionally inferior foods and athleticism is disturbing. If the Olympics can’t find sponsors who don’t sell crap food then perhaps it’s time for the Olympics to rethink their entire operation.