Dispelling nutrition myths, ranting, and occasionally, raving

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It’s peach season! Peaches are a delicious source of fibre (1.9 g, per medium peach), and beta carotene (159 mcg), and clock in at only about 38 calories.

Enjoy them straight-up, in a smoothie, grilled or roasted, in salsa or salad, cut-up and added to yoghurt or cereal, or in a multitude of baked goods.

Want to speed up the ripening process when you bring home a basket of rock-hard peaches? Place them in a paper bag with a banana, close the bag and leave at room temperature at least overnight. Ripening time will vary depending on how ripe your peaches are to begin with, room temperature, and banana ripeness.

Looking for some recipes to use up excess peaches? Check out Chatelaine.