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Follow Friday: Get RD services covered

In the wake of Yoni Freedhoff’s excellent article about the lack of government health plan coverage for dietitians services some dietitians have started a petition on Change to, well, change this. Please, take a minute to sign the petition and share with everyone you know.

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Follow Friday: Stop junk food giants from taking over nutrition programs

Concerned about dietitians’ organizations ties to the food industry? You probably should be. It’s wrong for corporations like Pepsi, Coke, and McDonald’s (to name a few) to be providing funding to organizations that represent health care professionals who provide nutrition counselling. It’s also inappropriate for those organizations to be providing “educational” sessions at dietetic conferences. Here’s your chance to stand-up for dietitians; sign the petition to sever ties between the “junk food giants” and the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Hopefully this effort will spill over into Canada and Dietitians of Canada will stop accepting sponsorship from the food industry.


Aspartame in milk: sweet or bitter drink to swallow?

By now you’ve probably heard about the dairy industry in the US petitioning the FDA to allow them to use artificial (or non-nutritive) sweeteners in flavoured milks. The current legislation will not allow artificially sweetened beverages to be called milk. The dairy industry feels that milk is falling victim to low-cal beverages and in order to remain popular with school children believes that they need to change the added sugar to a low or no-calorie option.

A part of me think “good” we don’t need sugar sweetened milk. We consume far too much sugar as a society anyway. Another part of me is concerned about the dairy industry’s desire to not make the non-nutritive sweetener visible of the front of the label. However, presumably, the ingredients would have to be listed as usual on the packaging. It’s not like the change in sweetener would be hidden from the consumer.

Another part of me thinks that none of these beverages should be available in schools anyway. School kids shouldn’t be given milk sweetened with sugar or non-nutritive sweetener. They also shouldn’t be sold pop, sports drinks, or even juice. Why do we need to teach our kids that beverages can only be enjoyed if they’re sweet?

I think that making milk sweetened with non-nutritive sweeteners is actually a pretty great idea for adults to choose at the grocery store. Yes, personally, I’m not a fan of these sweeteners, but I think that it would be a better option than diet pop for many people. I don’t think that any flavoured milks should be being pushed on children at school.