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Follow Friday: Stone’s Pharmasave


In case you somehow missed the exciting news a couple of weeks ago: staff at a pharmacy in Cape Breton made the decision to remove sugary beverages from their shelves as such beverages undermine their focus on health. Very cool. Hopefully we’ll see more shops follow suit.

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Follow Friday: Science-Based Pharmacy


In case you aren’t already aware, pharmacists have a wealth of information and are a great medical resource. Of course, you can always ask the pharmacist at your local pharmacy if you have any questions about medications. However, if you’re interested in getting a little bit more in depth information on various medications and supplements available in many pharmacies, you should check out Science-Based Pharmacy. This blog is primarily written by Scott Gavura, a Toronto-based pharmacist and social media aficionado. You can also follow him on twitter: @pharmacistscott.