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Support for sick days

I realise that I keep getting a little off-topic lately, ranting about non-nutrition issues. At least I’ve been sticking with health issues. And hey, it’s my blog, I can rant about whatever I please, right?

In my temp job we all received this Report from CFIB on public sector sick days. The news release states that public sector employees in Canada take nearly 5 more sick days per year than employees working in the private sector, costing up to $3.5 billion. The non-so-subtle implication that public sector employees are taking sick days when they’re not really sick really pissed me off. I think that there are likely a number of reasons why public sector employees take more sick days than private sector employees and, for the most part, I don’t think they have anything to do with taking “undeserved” sick days.

When I worked in private sector jobs they usually didn’t provide health benefits, they also usually didn’t pay very well. When I was sick I would drag my aching body to work and suffer through the day because I couldn’t afford to lose a days pay. Those were probably the worst jobs for me to be going to while sick as I was usually working in customer service so I was spreading my germs to a much larger number of people than I would have in an office job.

I see so many people come into work when they shouldn’t. In most cases, the world will not cease to exist if you take a day off work. I wouldn’t be surprised if productivity actually improved when people took a day off to get better rather than struggling through a number of days while feeling sub-par. I would actually argue that public sector employees should be praised for having the good sense (and the compensation to allow them) to take sick days when they’re sick. Sick days exist for a purpose. More people should take time off to rest and get healthy, and contain their germs, when they’re sick.