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Top 10 Nutrition Quacks to Follow



Back in March, for Nutrition Month, my friend Emma featured a series of interviews with dietitians and others on her blog. Something I noticed when reading these interviews struck me. When posed the question: What’s your favourite food/drink that The Food Babe says you shouldn’t consume?” many people provided variations on the answer that they don’t pay any heed to what The Food Babe says.

I understand that response from the standpoint of not wanting to give the time of day to nutribabble. No publicity is bad publicity, right? Still, I tend to believe that it’s important to know thine enemy. Even though I’m loathe to give clicks to these self-proclaimed nutrition gurus I think that it’s more important for me to know what information people are reading so that I can combat it with the facts. So, in no particular order, if you too want to know who to ignore nutrition advice from or what nonsense is being spread, here are my top 10 nutrition quacks:

  1. The Food Babe
  2. Gwyneth Paltrow/pretty much any celebrity
  3. Pete Evans
  4. David Wolfe
  5. David Perlmutter/William Davis/anybody else who says that wheat is the devil
  6. Dr Oz
  7. Any “nutritionist” who claims to have “cured” their “incurable” autoimmune disease through diet
  8. Joseph Mercola
  9. Nina Teicholz
  10. Freelee Banana Girl

I know that there are many others out there. If you can think of others who you think should be on this list please feel free to add them in the comments!