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Happy St Patrick’s Day

Call me a party pooper but I’ve never been interested in attending St Paddy’s Day celebrations. They always seem to involve people getting excessively intoxicated and acting like idiots earlier in the day than they normally would.¬†Want to celebrate St Patrick’s Day without drinking copious quantities of green beer? My suggestion: try making your meals (or one meal of the day) green.

Start your morning with a green smoothie. Try a combination of avocado, lime, coconut water, spinach (or another leafy green), some yoghurt, and basil or cilantro. Switch-up your green ingredients. You could try kiwi or cucumber;  even broccoli.

For lunch, try a leafy green salad. Perhaps kale. Or try one of these recipes from Huffington Post.

For supper, any of those lunch options would also work. You could also make a traditional Irish meal like stew or a green-packed stir-fry.