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Follow Friday: Local Food Week #LoveONTfood


Local Food Week is coming up June 6-12th. I wanted to do something special to celebrate on the blog. After thinking about it I decided that I would take the week to feature stories from people working in various aspects of local food. As a Nova Scotian living in Ontario, and as I have readers from around the world, I didn’t want to limit the location for “local” food. After all,¬†local¬†means different things to different people and it’s very much relative to where you call home.

I put a call out on Twitter for submissions from people involved with food and I have some great guest posts lined-up for you. There’s still space for a few more though so I thought that I would put the call out to all of you. Are you a farmer? A cook? A restauranteur? A baker? A cookbook author? A food manufacturer? A food producer? A chef? A food bank or soup kitchen employee or volunteer? A brewmaster? Coffee roaster? etc. If you’re interested in writing a guest blog post to share your story/experience/opinion… please send me an email (dianamchard [at] gmail [dot] com), I’d love to give you the space here to share your story.