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Follow Friday: the truth about raw almonds

Image from Pixabay.com

Image from Pixabay.com

If you’re like me, you assumed that raw nuts were indeed raw. Well, when it comes to California almonds at least, we were wrong. These “raw” almonds are actually pasteurized at 165F, hardly raw. Check out this interesting article in The Salt for the complete low-down on so-called raw almonds.

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Follow Friday: Food sharing


Apparently the Germans (besides having the best soccer team) are also leading the world in food waste innovations. Last week I shared the new package-less supermarket, this week the food sharing website.

I learned about this site from the NPR blog The Salt where they shared a little bit about the premise and its development.

Essentially, it’s like freecycle for food. You sign-up; then you can post food to share, get food from others, or meet people and share a meal with them. The idea is based on the fact that we waste a lot  of perfectly good food, and about half of that waste comes from households. You buy a cabbage but only use a quarter of it for a recipe or you’re going away and have perishables in your fridge or you buy a new cereal and you hate it. Instead of just throwing away, or composting, your perfectly edible excess food, now you can give it away through the website. Very cool.